Wildcrafting Herbal Medicine Water, a living being and primal power is a capable healer on its own and has long been coupled with medicinal herbs. Through ancestral wisdom, we can move past the limitations of our current scientific understanding and see water as a living force in order to create a dynamic partnership.

Tap into the power of spirit by incorporating shamanic principles in plant and nature communication with time tested herbal preparations. Together with our own intentions, water, and our plant friends, we will unlock a potential for health and healing beyond medical convention.

In this class we will explore medicinal preparations with wildcrafted herbs and water. You will learn to:

  • Ethically harvest and process herbs for storage and medicinal preparations
  • Identify key herbs used in water based medicinal preparations
  • Formulate basic decoctions, hot and cold infusions, solar infusions
  • Prepare and use Medicinal washes for hygiene, and external ailments
  • Connect and communicate with plants using ancient shamanic processes
  • Charge Wildcrafted medicines with the power of intention

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Location: Angeles Forest (Altadena), CA Tuition ……………………………………..$50
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