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Become a Shamanic Practitioner

Is the Shamanic Healer Mentorship Right for Me?

Walking the path of the Shamanic Healer is not a career choice nor is it for everyone.  It is a calling for those with the strength of spirit and purity of heart to face their darkest fears and heal their deepest wounds so that they may facilitate that healing for others and the Earth.

What is the Healer’s Calling?

The calling often takes the form of a series of trials and traumatic events that force an individual to search for answers beyond the day to day experience.

Ignoring the call sometimes may lead to feelings of alienation and self destructive behaviors.

Why Shamanism to Answer the Call?

The Shamanic Mentorship is a time-tested, ancestral path  that steps away from the limited and restrictive approach of convention.  Facilitated by an experienced Shamanic mentor, individuals move off the beaten path to find answers and healing by developing a relationship with their personal spirit guides.


This training includes both in depth practical Shamanic Healing skills for you to become
a Shamanic Practitioner as well as Sacred Ceremony experiences


10 Ancestors Circle 

EXCLUSIVE, in-depth healing method for the Mentorship group extending 7 generations back and 7 generations forward within your lineage.

Shamanic Mentorship Workbook and Member Only Facebook Forum

Powerful tools for in-depth learning and support outside of class.

Complimentary Drumming Circles & Potluck Celebrations

Connect with the community and learn how to bond, develop trust and keep the family and tribe together! 

Master the Art of Shamanic Healing

Start a new career path as a Shamanic Practitioner offering well rounded sessions to clients with Soul Retrieval, Spiritual Extraction, Healing with Spiritual Light, Earth Medicine and Star Medicine, view of Shamanic Death, Dying & Beyond and Psychopomp, Shamanic Mediumship and Wildcrafting Herbal Basics.

Heal the Primordial Wounds in your Lineage

Restore harmony in your personal, ancestral lineage and transmute shadows into gifts.

Co-teaching Opportunity at the Mt. Shasta’s Divine Starlight Healing Retreat

Available exclusively to program Alumni.

Connect with Authentic, Ancient Shamanic Lineages

Cross-Cultural / Inter-Tribal and Zulu traditions. 

Transform Your Life!

Tap into the unconditional support from and partnership with your Shamanic Family, Helping Spirits, Ancestors, Nature and all of Life.

Your Formal Shamanic Initiation

Partake in powerful and life-changing Initiation Ceremonies and receive your Ancestors Medicine Graduation Gift. 


3 Easy Steps to Apply!



Submit a 2 page Letter of Intention for acceptance into the program, sharing about your background and what you would like to accomplish with this training.




Schedule a Shamanic Healing session with Victoria with Spiritual Extraction, Soul Retrieval, and other healing processes as needed to start this journey together.




First payment is due 30 days prior to the beginning of the program or two payments on the before the beginning of the program.

OPTION 1: In full $2,500

OPTION 2: 12 Installments of >> $222 





What Others Are Saying About Our Courses

“The event was a great experience. We covered a lot of ground and enJOYed great community. Victoria is a warm, welcoming and knowledgeable teacher who kept us on track in a loving manner.”

Barry John

“Wonderful experience. I learned a lot!  What an honor to share these powerful practices with such brave and beautiful people!”


“This was a very intense and powerful weekend. I feel like a new person… more centered and grounded.  I received a lot of messages that will help me put things into perspective in my life. I can’t wait to start the one year shamanic program.”



Los Angeles County, CA.  The classes will be held in a sacred peaceful space in West Covina near the Pasadena and Downtown LA areas.  Occasionally, we will meet at a location in nature.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

A great deal of staff time and expense is invested into the preparation and organization of each class and program. It is difficult and oftentimes impossible to recover costs and/or find a student to replace a cancelled registrant and so our cancellation and refund policies reflect this. Programs taking place over the course of 30 days or more, such as the 1 Yr Shamanic Healer Mentorship, must be cancelled with a minimum 14 day notice of the program start date or within 24 hours of registration to receive a transfer (minus a $30 transfer fee) or a full refund minus a $100 non-refundable deposit.

Full program cancellations made with less than 14 days notice of the program start date, forfeit a refund or transfer. Full program cancellations made once the program has started, forfeit a refund or transfer. We understand that emergencies and unforeseen circumstances do happen. As such, we offer the courtesy of individual classes to be rescheduled a maximum of one time to a different class within 12 months of the originally scheduled class with a $15 admin fee.

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Receive Class Updates, Announcements, and Special Offers!