How much of reality are you aware of?


Normally our brainwaves are going to be throughout the day in a Beta or Alpha state. Beta is when we are really focused. So when we are really focused, it’s almost like our consciousness focuses on an aspect and we can be really okay I can do math problems, I can build a website,I can do things, really focused that require singular attention in something.

When we relax a little bit more, we open and we perceive more of reality. So that’s when we get into an Alpha state, so our awareness expands and we are able to embrace more of reality. So for example, you might be focused on driving, but part of your mind is still perceiving: maybe you’re thinking about, this is what I’m going to do today, this is whatI did yesterday. So you’re not focused like with the Beta state, but instead you have more of reality that you are able to comprehend and focus on.


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