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A weekly YouTube/Podcast show with discussions on Spirituality and Science balancing Health and Wellbeing with Body, Mind and Spirit. With a Daoist Twist (Chinese Philosophy) when ever possible….

Each week we either have a Guest or a Subject and we delve deep to discuss their Dao (Means Way/Path/Balance) of that Guest or Subject…

We are NOT a normal talk show and our style is “unique ” to say the least…

Our aim is to have a Open and varied discussion to help Us all find new skills and techniques to balance our very own personal Dao….

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August 3

8-10pm London UK Time

This Show:

Series 2 Ep 24

The Way Of… Victoria Vives- Shamanism, Sacred Sexuality/Divine Feminine/Goddess Energy and Sovereignty/Off-Matrix Living…

Victoria Vives Khuong has a profound passion for sharing traditional practices that empower people. She is a Shamanic Healer and Teacher in the cross-cultural and Zulu traditions. She is also a vibrant Spiritual and Energy Healing Teacher and the Co-Founder of the EarthSky People Intentional Community and Movement. Her healing journey was catalyzed by her near death experience in 1997, followed by a spontaneous Kundalini awakening in 1998, which brought her into her spiritual path exploring Healing Arts, Martial Arts, and Channeling (voice, movement, and messages). This inner search culminated into her Helping Spirits and Ancestors guiding her to meet with her Gogo (a term used in the Zulu tradition that refers to Shamanic Mentor/Mother) Gretchen Crilly McKay.

After completing three years of intense training with her Gogo in the Zulu and Cross-Cultural traditions, she continued her training as a Shamanic Teacher with Teacher and Author, Sandra Ingerman.

Victoria’s extensive background in entertainment and Arts brings a very unique aspect to her Shamanic teachings and healing in which she helps others moving through deep seated emotions toward healing, through the use of her chants, music and performance. Her thirst for living life fully learning from all perspectives of life, create a powerfully transformational, well-rounded, and profound healing experience in her events, classes, and media. Victoria assists individuals in enhancing all levels of beingness, from physical to spiritual! She is also the Author of the life-changing audio series The 5 Superhero Secrets.

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T.W.O.C.M. Team

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