Shamanism Workshops and Gatherings

The Art of Direct Revelation

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice. A Shaman is one who sees with the heart and has learned how to journey outside of time, through Non Ordinary Reality, in alliance with Spirit and with the purpose to empower, heal, and receive information for the good of the Community.

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Shamanic Healer Mentorship

Walk a Path of Healing Wisdom Guided by Helping Spirits.  Join me in this 1 Yr Mentorship for profound transformation.

a group of people lying in a room forming a circle and a healing crystals in the middle

2-Day Shamanic Workshop

This two part workshop is both, for Healers and for people wanting to advance in their spiritual path in a powerful and transformational way.

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Advanced Shamanic Workshops

Learn powerful traditional Shamanic Healing techniques to expand your practice and knowledge.

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Earth Medicine, Star Medicine and the 4 Elements

Since time immemorial, our Ancestors lived in connection with the forces of Mother Earth and the forces of the Cosmos, in a harmonious balance… 

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Free Shamanism Videos

Click below to watch interviews about Shamanism, learn Shamanic Songs and more!

a group of people lying in a room forming a circle and a healing crystals in the middle

Shamanic Drumming Circle

Learn how to journey beyond time and space and experience the loving support of our community.


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